How to Pick Up The Bartender (The Final Chapter)

I’ve gone over the things you shouldn’t if your trying to get the hot female bartender to go out with you.  Here is a list of things you should do

1)    Give her compliments, but not cheesy ones.
Hot girls are told they are beautiful all night.  When you’re the 10th guy of the   night to tell her she’s hot, it’s going to annoy the shit out of her.

2)    Try to meet her OUTSIDE of the bar
Most girls are really unable to get to know you when they are working.  If you can somehow arrange to meet her when she’s not at work, you will increase your chances.  If you become friends with her on facebook don’t stalk her.  If she post on facebook where she is going to be that night and you keep “coincidentally” showing up at the same bar by yourself, she will be creeped out.  You can definitely shoot her a message and try to meet up.  I have seen a lot of guys get dates with the bartender through facebook.  Use it.  It works.

I hope my series on how to pick up the bartender has helped.  Remember, the best way to get a date with the hot bartender is to get a job behind the bar with her.  You will be making lots of money and have a much easier time getting her to go out with you.  Best of luck.


Here is a hilarious video on what not to do when your trying to pick up the bartender.

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