How to get a bartending job!!

Check the facebook page!!

Got this email a couple of days ago…


Love the website!  Just wanted to let you know I followed one of your tips and checked out the facebook page of a new restaurant opening up in town.  The restaurant wasn’t even close to being opened, but they posted several job fairs on their facebook page.  What I found interesting was that there wasn’t a single help wanted sign posted outside the buiding.  Because of the facebook posting I was able to get down there and got the job!!!  Thanks for the great advice!!

Eddie C .
San Diego, CA

Congrats on the job Eddie!!  If your looking for a job in the bartending world it is imperative you utilize social media.  I thinks its safe to say that the help wanted ads of your local newspapers are pretty much a waste of time.  If your looking for a job at a certain place it is imperative you check their facebook page as often as possible.  Most bars will post more stuff on their facebook page, than their actual website.  Making changes to a website can be complicated, time consuming and cost money.  Posting stuff on facebook is a lot easier, so bars will utilize it way more.

Another great lesson is that it is way easier to get a job when a new place is opening up!  Bars need to fill ALL their staff positions so your chances of getting hired, greatly increase.  Once the place opens and they have a full staff it will be MUCH HARDER to get a job.



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