How To Be a Great Bartender #1

I know what your probably thinking when you look at this photo.  Wow this girl is hot.  And I’ll give you that.  She is.  But she is also making a huge mistake behind the bar that tells me she has no experience whatsoever (or went to bartending school:).   If you look at her pouring the shots you can see she has 4 out of 5 fingers in the tin as she pours the shots.   This technique is totally disgusting and no experienced bartender would ever pour a shot like this.  Our goal here at is to get you a job behind the bar and make you look good once you get that job.  If you want to do that, then don’t do what this girl is doing

Whenever you are straining (pouring)a shot from the tin NEVER put your fingers inside the tin.  All you have to do is simply put your index finger over the strainer and place your fingers around the tin and pour.  This is also true when serving drinks.  When you are about to serve drinks never grab them from the top when serving them to a customer.  Always grab your drinks from side when giving them to a customer.  This may sound like a really easy principle but you will be shocked how many bartenders screw it up.  When you’re a new bartender with no experience, you have enough things to worry about.  The last thing you need is some customer telling you they want a new round of shots because you poured them like the girl in this picture.



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