How To Be a Great Bartender #5

I came across this article a few months ago and figured it was worth sharing.  It seems this bartender in New York City thought it was really cool to set a bar on fire to wow his customers.    He was apparently featured on an episode of desperate housewives of NYC.  The fire marshal’s in NYC set up a sting (after seeing it on tv) and promptly arrested the bartender.

There are a couple of reasons why this is a real stupid idea.  First, setting anything on fire is extremely dangerous and dumb.  As a firefighter myself (ironically, in New York City), I have seen firsthand how quickly fire can spread.  If you light your bar on fire you run the risk of having that fire spread quickly and out of control.  In a crowded bar, this can quickly result in panic and tragedy. Second, if you have to set an entire bar on fire to bring people to your bartending shift, you suck as a bartender.  If you have to do fancy or stupid tricks for people to like you as a bartender, then you are simply not a good bartender.  Period.

Since we are on the subject of fire, I strongly urge you not to let any patrons light their shots when drinking at your establishment.  Intoxicated people and fire do not mix.  I have seen friends get severely burned and hurt while trying to do flaming shots.  If you are a new bartender and see customers trying to light shots, call over security and get some help.  If the owner/manager of the bar you are working at says its ok to let customers light their shots, then find a new place to work.


Bartender Gets Arrested

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