Be Careful With Your Tabs

With the advance of technology, most bars/restaurants use computers to streamline their operations.  With the use of computers, orders get to the kitchen faster and calculators are a thing of the past.  While technology has helped bars and restaurants become more efficient, there are also things you have to be careful about

According to this article, some people look at their tabs very carefully.  When starting a tab for a group of people you usually have to type a “name” for the tab on the computer.  What most bartenders/servers forget is that when you close the tab and give it to the customer this “name” you typed is printed on the tab.  This is where you can get into big trouble.

I think its pretty obvious not to use any “racial adjectives” when starting a tab.  If  you write “3 black dudes” or “Chinese guy” people are going to be pissed off and you’ll most likely be out of a job.  You also have to be careful with other “adjectives” you may use to describe a person or group of people.  If you write “annoying couple”, “cheap guy”, or “dirty ed” on a tab, you may find yourself in trouble.

What’s the easiest way to avoid this?  When someone opens a tab, ask them for either a credit card (required by most bars) or a last name to keep the tab under.  This will certainly keep you out of trouble.



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