How To Be a Great Bartender 4

Since I started this website I’ve come across a lot of different articles on the internet about bartending. Some are good, but most of them are terrible. After I found this bartender interview I thought it was good enough to share with all of you …
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Welcome to my site

I would like to welcome you to the most comprehensive bartending website, you will find. From this site you will gain a clear understanding of how to get a job (with no experience) and how to be the best bartender once you get the job.  Bartending has been a supplemental income for me throughout the years.  In fact bartending has been there for me through many of life’s monumental events. For me, bartending has been the constant.  Bartending helped me pay my college tuition.  Bartending was the reason I received that college diploma. Bartending was the reason my wife got the engagement ring that she wanted.  Bartending was the reason that I was able to propose.  Most recently, bartending has been a key player in my monthly mortgage payments.  Bartending is the reason I have a roof over my head.

During an economic downturn a bartender still thrives. People will always go to there local watering hole to have a cocktail and see a familiar face…(think Cheers).  Through it all, I have had some of the best times of my life and met some amazing people, people that I call my friends.  It’s time for you to experience the many wonders of being a bartender.  Maybe you’re recently retired and crave a social outlet.  Maybe you’re a stay at home mom looking to get out of the house.  Or maybe you are like me, a guy with no game (with the ladies) who became a bartender so he could get hot chicks– I met my wife while I was bartending.  For less than 20 dollars and a little hard work you too can enjoy the fun and lucrative life of a bartender.  What are you waiting for?